CPA Marketing

Lead Generation, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media.

Drive Customer Acquisition.

Communicate with your Clients.

Grow your Firm.

Are you ready to give your accounting firm a marketing makeover?

Emerge is your partner to help drive new business by developing predictable, consistent revenue and growth through new client acquisition.

The most successful CPA firms actively seek to grow their firm immediately following tax season. This is when most small and medium sized corporations, as well as individuals, are looking to make a change in accounting representation for the coming year. Is your firm in a position to take advantage of these opportunities?

Our partners are excited to set aside time for a free consultation to help you analyze and understand:

  • Market Opportunity- How many high value potential Corporate Clients exist in your service area?
  • How to effectively attract and close new business
  • Your firm’s presence and reputation- Can potential customers find you?
  • Web property- Are you conveying the right brand message?
  • Use of marketing tools to retain existing business and drive LTV


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